Night and morning

At night
I strip for sleep
And slip between
The cotton sheets
I mark time
I anticipate
I close my eyes
And meditate
My body
Not minded to release
My mind
From its conscious tease.

In the morning
I wake up
In the sticky warm
And silence the alarm
I mark time
I vegetate
I close my eyes
And hibernate
My mind not minded
To release
My body
From its unconscious ease.

Arrive together. Leave apart.

Just for you
these words of contrition

(my fingers crossed behind my back
my smile leering and penance free)

a glass or two to loosen my thoughts

my apology
my silver tongued
for all to hear clearly
and nod in
righteous agreement

the substance of
my conscious regret
is for you
you alone

you are the subject
of my desire

the listener is
convinced of
my sincerity
my words
my whisperings

you remain

they replay
the eulogy
to our love
as I Pinterest
our moments
for all to see
and forgive

forgive me
for not
saying sorry
face to face

I will slip away
and hide
my deceit
in the kitchen
your friends

you will just
slip away.