The Squishy Asteroid

there are
so many people
to avoid

and void

so many people
i hope
are squished
by the asteroid
when it falls
to earth

with a bump.

boom. tish.

i stand
as still
as a rock
on the sidewalk

watching the masses
flitting by

as in the sky
the asteroid
(pluming fire and ash)
takes it’s fix
from my gaze

and seconds away
from disarray
and screaming crazy
gutwrenching apocalypse….

no one is ready.
everyone is pulp.

every man and woman and yappy child.

i teleport
to a wicker seat.
rickety, broken,

the river
suffused by
gentle lapping water,
squawks of moorhens,
the cool, calming breeze.

i light a cigarette,
blow smoke rings,

woken only
by the bump
of the asteroid.

boom. tish.

i cross names off
my imaginary list.
smile. pour a glass
of ice cold Chablis.

raise a toast
to the good
and the free

and me

and peace and quiet
by the riverside.